Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing in the United Arab Emirates is a competitive marketing service that can be utilised by almost any business. However, if this service is not performed by a professional, experienced and dedicated PPC specialist, you might experience inflated and unnecessary costs for you and your clients’ businesses.

At SEO Resellers UAE, our qualified and specialised team of PPC advertising and digital marketing professionals have the necessary know-how to help your agency succeed. Our help includes up-to-date knowledge regarding any change in the service offering as well as a trained and keen eye for managing campaigns for optimal returns and traffic generation.

With our dedicated UAE specialists, who are all first-language English speakers, all the digital marketing efforts and elements SEO Resellers UAE offers you are first-class services that will help your clients succeed, and your business grow.

Our designers also play a vital role in our PPC campaigns, and thanks to our dedicated staff members, we at SEO Reseller UAE can offer top-notch landing pages and websites that will be written by first-language English copywriters, giving your clients a winning formula.

It’s time to let a dedicated UAE digital marketing specialist team take over your time-consuming efforts, so that your clients can receive world-class digital marketing management. All of our services are offered to you as white label, which means you can sell all our reports, etc., on to your clients with your branding. Furthermore, our costing is set at wholesale rates.

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With our wholesale rates, you can resell our work to your clients at retail prices. What’s more, since our services are provided by PPC specialists, you can expect greater monetary rewards and a reduction in the cost of AdWords due to our focus on PPC best practices.


Our highly-targeted ad campaigns help ensure that your ad is served to prospects who are more likely to engage with it. This means that by using our services you are essentially helping your clients draw in more quality and qualified leads.


Owing to our extensive and experienced PPC and AdWords specialists’ knowledge and up-to-date tracking, we are now fully equipped to provide your clients with targeted ads. This means that you can provide your clients with excellent lead-generation advertising products.


With accurate reporting and available statistics, you are able to measure results of  a campaign, which will help you directly offer your clients quantifiable results. By being able to provide accurate testing and results, their campaigns can become highly successful, helping your business grow even more. Better yet, we provide these services to you at wholesale rates, so contact us today for more information!


By utilising our wholesale PPC rates, which includes full reporting, you will be able to see the results of our services quickly and easily. We only use thoroughly-tested best practices, which will provide you and your clients with great results.

Unlike other types of advertising in which you may spend exorbitant amounts upfront, with Google AdWords you can manage your clients’ finances with a lower budget and post-pay your ads to enhance your cash flow. Join our White Label PPC Reseller Program.

Keep your clients one step ahead of their competitors with an appropriately-managed AdWords campaign, and see your clients’ ads in front of their competitors, keeping your clients’ brands at the top.

With our five-year track record of supporting our clients in producing traffic and generating leads online, there is no better place to entrust your clients’ campaigns than with SEO Resellers UAE.


Search Network

Display Network


Mobile Only

Video Ads

Shopping Ads



PPC Audit

This includes Keyword Research regarding an Estimated Cost Per Click. Your clients’ Keywords are identified for optimal usage during campaigns.


Campaign Draft

We prepare a campaign draft that offers all the essentials for effective PPC advertising  these include Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads, Banners, Extensions and Negatives.


Campaign Setup

Your clients’ campaigns setups are important. We will set up the details requisite, such as the Settings, Location, Bidding, Sitelinks, Scheduling, Budgeting and Billing.


Conversion Tracking

Our tools and systems will allow for the creation and implementation of Conversions. This includes customer enquiries, phone calls, sign ups and sales.


Landing Pages

Our in-house designers will create effective Landing Pages for ultimate organisation.


Budget Monitoring

We monitor your daily spend through our Daily Budget Monitoring so that we can complete your client’s monthly budget accurately.


Weekly Analysis & Revisions

Key to managing a PPC campaign is Analysis and Revision with regard to Budgeting, Ads, Keywords, Extensions, Bidding and other PPC activities using our advanced tools.


Weekly & Monthly Reports

By providing you with Weekly AdWords Performance reports, we help you to provide your clients with accurate reporting and online performance activities.



Optimizely + Crazy Eggs

For your clients’ AdWords performance reports



For the creation of your clients’ landing pages.


SEMrush + Google Keyword Planner

For analysis and discovery of the right Keywords for you clients’ Keywords and Ads Research


Agency Analytics + ReportGarden

Used primarily to optimize your clients’ sales. This is for conversion optimization.

Owing to our white label reports, which are available through our client-dedicated portal, SEO Resellers UAE can now easily keep track of your clients’ PPC and AdWords marketing campaigns. 

Let us take care of your clients’ day-to-day legwork in managing their Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. While we help them, you can concentrate on growing your business. Touch Base With Us Today For Your FREE TRIAL.