At Globital UAE our focus is to give you the tools and knowledge to answer the questions so many of your clients ask with regard to their challenges of leads and sales performance. One of the most effective solutions for increased website-based lead generation is through our specialised, data-driven Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), which is designed to help drive leads into becoming sales.

One of Digital Marketing’s main objectives is to convert your clients’ traffic into sales. All UAE digital agencies promise this to their clients by the very nature of their profession. However, not all agencies may have the tools they need to get the results their clients want.

How do you optimise your clients’ leads? At what point do you step in and change tactics to ensure the traffic becomes qualified and legitimate sales?

why cro - CRO


There is a very important reason for using CRO guidelines because every proposed step is focused on increasing sales. However, there are other sales objectives where CRO can help, making it an important part of your clients’ digital marketing strategies. These objectives include:

Once you have performed all the necessary digital marketing efforts for your clients by using digital marketing tools like SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing, you will have successfully driven traffic to your clients’ websites. However, if you do not have the necessary website or landing page preparations, you won’t necessarily achieve the ROI you envisioned.


Globital UAE has qualified, driven team members whose website development skills can be used to help your clients’ underperforming websites that aren’t generating enough quality leads. In essence, our CRO services are aimed at providing an effective and sustainable increase in the conversion rate of website traffic into paying customers.

A part of the services that Globital UAE will provide through CRO is uncovering the elements of your client’s website that could be blocking sales conversions. We will provide an analysis and offer recommendations, using specialised techniques to ensure conversion rate optimisation.


analytics - CRO

Data Analysis

Our CRO team will analyse visitors’ session times, bounce rates, exit rates, average time on page as well conversation rates.

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Our Globital UAE typically uses Google Analytics, Crazy Eggs and Kissmetrics, but we are not limited to these products/tools only.

website analysis 1 - CRO

Website Analysis

When our CRO specialists analyse your client’s website, we look at the design, the loading speed, the call-to-actions, the imagery, the responsiveness and the colour scheme, etc.

content optimization 2 - CRO

Content Optimisation

It is important for our CRO team to ensure that your clients’ websites’ content length, relevance, accuracy and quality are in line with what Google would find acceptable.

cro testing - CRO

cro testing

Our Globital UAE team starts implementing our CRO through split-testing, providing comparisons with the old site as well as other changes.

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Once we have implemented and analysed all the changes we have made on your clients’ websites, we will provide you with a comprehensive CRO report.

For the first three months, we offer analysis, recommendations, implementation, testing, and changes, and deliver full reports to you for your client.

For the next three months, we implement further changes and monitor the site. Our final report will be delivered after six months of thorough and intensive CRO practices.

This is not necessarily a strategy your agency can sit down and contemplate. It involves real work through the optimal use of website development strategies and professional attention to the actual website and any landing pages. The first step is to look at any problems your clients might experience. For example, the bounce rate on their websites will increase dramatically if they do not provide easy-to-read information, or if the websites are not mobile-friendly, or take too long to load. Furthermore, if you use landing pages that have nothing to do with the original ad you offered your visitors, you can expect a quick exit. With our powerful CRO tools and data-driven efforts, our team is confident to help your clients increase their conversion rate, optimally.

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