For any digital marketing campaign to run smoothly, there are various best practices in the marketing chain that have to be followed. This also means that there has to be consistency throughout the process regarding branding and tone. Luckily there is one element that can help achieve this success, but it has to be perfect from start to finish:  


SEO Resellers UAE is proud to use only first-language English copywriters whose experience, expertise and qualifications enable us to give your agency and your clients one of the best white label copywriting solutions in the world. Our copywriters will ensure that your communication foundation and the digital marketing campaigns you provide to your clients will be successful and effective.

What are some of the benefits of using a team of qualified English copywriters?  

  • It can help expand your clients’ brands into the international market 
  • It will improve your clients’ brand engagement  
  • Google will rate your clients’ brands higher 
  • It will provide a great improvement for your clients’ leads due to their use of professional and sales-focused copy 
  • An overall improvement for your clients’ ROI through content provided from the lead generation process, through to post sales nurturing. 
  • Cleverly-written and grammatically-correct email marketing collateral that will provide great reach for your clients.

Remember, you can also use SEO Resellers UAE’s white label copywriting for your clients whose websites do not have enough or SEO-optimized content, which will give them a higher ranking for search engines. Your own site may also need SEO-friendly content.

The solution? Give us a call, and we will provide you with world-class content, at wholesale rates, which you can resell to your clients. 




Press Releases

By allowing our professional copywriters to write your press releases, we can publish your clients’ events or new product launches with an effective marketing method aimed at providing excellent engagement.


Website Content

We are ready to write or re-write your, or your clients’ websites to ensure that they are written with SEO best practices in mind. We don’t just focus on stilted language either, our copywriters will always write attention-grabbing content to ensure that the website is engaging and interesting for readers.


Blog Post Writing

Boost your clients’ Google ranking by using our white label blog writing services that provide keyword-focused content to suit your clients’ brands and needs. These SEO-optimised blogs provide your clients with the ability to post a steady stream of content to help boost their search result rankings.


Product Descriptions

Provide your clients’ e-Commerce site with more interesting and engaging copy for their products. Our copywriters will help entice readers rather than bore them.


Print Copy

Our copywriters are not only digital copywriters. They come from all backgrounds, including print media and advertising, which means we are able to create content for a wide range of printed products for your clients.


Email Content

Email marketing is a strategy used by many digital marketers, and is one of the best methods to engage with potential and existing customers. We provide well-written and interesting email content to ensure your clients’ prospects take action.



Our white label team here at SEO Resellers UAE is versatile and comprises editors and proofreaders to ensure all copy published has no errors. If your clients have documents, we will proofread them with pleasure.



If your client needs transcribing services, as a once-off or on a regular basis, we have the facilities, infrastructure and competent typists to produce error-free transcripts for your clients.


SEO Resellers UAE comprises a team of first-language English copywriters, which means that the reach your clients can achieve will expand beyond local territories. By using professionally-written and attention-grabbing English, international prospects will take your clients’ brands more seriously, which ultimately translates to a better attention to their brand, and of course, a far more attractive ROI.

Besides the benefits of our dedicated copywriting team, we also offer all our copywriting services as white label services, which means you can use our work with your branding. This will enable you to promote your service offering and help you manage larger accounts.

Finally, the best part is that our rates for all our copywriting projects are set at wholesale prices. This offers you the opportunity to resell this white label copywriting to your clients at retail.

Outsource to a trusted brand like ours – contact us today to start your first copywriting project.