Google Analytics has gained substantial importance in the digital marketing world. The need of establishing a fair understanding around the advance usage is essential when you are done with basics. Of course, not everyone is accompanied with pro practice; however, one can attempt to master the few of the most important reporting sense. Here, I am touching the seven equally essential reports that you need to procure for a well satisfying analysis for your client.

Let’s begin with the Mobile Performance Report. This is no more a hidden fact that the mobile users are ever increasing and by the time, the number of personal computer users is dropping down. From the digital marketing aspect, the website is deemed mobile friendly. People are more into surfing and visiting the sites through cell phones. It allows you going for Mobile Reporting to make a fine analysis around the optimization. It helps in making technical and aesthetic improvements. Segmentation can play the game well.

Your site holds different stuff including ads, articles, guest posts, site content etc. There is a dire need to figure out that which of the parts is fetching how much traffic and the type of traffic is another important aspect to ascertain. The Traffic Acquisition Report helps in knowing all about the traffic generating out of your site. Since it is a standard report, it can be spotted Overview drop down list of Acquisition. It clicks a vivid picture of Organic, Referral, Social and Direct traffic.

GA Reporting - Indispensable Reports For Google Analytics

The content of your site has a unique value for to achieve the goals of your SEO strategies applied. Hence, the Content Efficiency Report remarkably tracking down its worth. This report helps in tracking that which sort of content is the best compatible to your site. The Keyword Analysis Report is another helping parchment that brings the unencrypted keywords performance to your knowledge. This will help you sieving out the real contributors and nonperformers.

There are different avenues for the visitors to come visit your site including social media platforms, browsers, and direct approach through URL etc. The Landing Page Report turns out the contribution of each mean that enables the visitors landing on your site pages. The report that concludes the new arrivals and repeating ones is known as New vs. Returning Visitors. It is also a standard report. It narrates the percentage amount of the returning visitors to your site.

The Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate Report, Bounce Rate allows you knowing the percentage of those visitors who leaves the page of your site without any interaction and does not attempt to landing in another page. However, the Exit Rate refers to knowing that how many pages the visitor has visited when he landed on a page because of browsing. This will surely pop up the level of interest each page of your site casts on the visitors. You can work in accordance with the results of this report.

It is very much obvious that you need to go at least with these reports in order to assess the performance and cater the need of improvement for your site.