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While keeping abreast of digital marketing trends and new products to hit the digital marketing shores, every agency owner should keep on top of other industry news, industrial research and reports, new insights, and other hot off the press announcements regarding investments, new startups, and partnerships. At Digital Resellers UAE, we’ll help you and your agency to keep up to speed about what’s happening in the world of digital marketing.

Black Friday Is A Go – And Should Be For Your Clients

According to the Digital Agency Network, digital marketing teams share some of their tips, strategies, and coping methods so that your agency can gain some insider insight on how to prepare your clients’ Black Friday marketing. Have you started to prepare for Black Friday?

Saudi Arabia Digital And Social Media 2021 Trends Released By Global Media Insights

As reported on Digital Agency Network, “Saudi Arabia’s social media usage has skyrocketed, according to Global Media Insights, and the country is now known as the Middle East’s most prominent social media market. Because of the widespread use of smartphones, locals are using social apps more frequently, especially between 2020 and 2021.” Read more here.

India’s Automobile Industry Moves To The Digital Realm

Transforming auto sales, this article delves into digital marketing in India. According to Digital Agency Network, “India’s automobile industry has relied on traditional media and channels for decades, but with customers shifting to the digital realm, and a proliferation of digital devices, it is now mandatory for automobile marketers to meet the customers where they are – that is on the virtual marketplace.” Read more here.

Digital Marketing Agencies Focus On Mental Well-Being And Remote Work

Online news articles continue to focus on mental well-being and how to adapt to remote work. As the Digital Agency Network reports, “Industry Bodies Call on Advertising and Marketing Leaders to Protect Employees’ Mental Wellbeing and Creativity.” Read more here.

Why Keep A Close Eye On Digital Press And Industry News?

Being a digital watchman in this digital marketing space allows digital marketing agencies to adapt quickly in an ever-changing industry. Reading what’s hot off the press will provide owners with additional, helpful insight that they can bring into their own workplace and team.

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