Some Email Marketing Tips From Our Copywriting Team

You may have heard long tales from this expert and that expert, but when you look at the facts straight in the eye, you cannot refute it. As marketers, you hear the marketing fable every day, a deadwood tool: everyone is “tired of receiving unwanted emails”…

Now, no matter how true this sentiment is, there is a fact that simply cannot be denied.

What’s the fact?

Wait for it…

Half of this big planet of ours is using emails. This means that next year, almost three billion human beings will be using email for work, personal communication and yes, shopping.

Why is this important?

Even if we ignore for a moment all the long-time, well-versed email users out there, the reach of marketing has still yet to touch the new email users. These new users can unlock the world of advertising using a far more powerful tool than other advertising mediums, especially in the less developed areas of the world.

“Less developed” does not mean financially unable to use your client’s services. In fact, developing, especially through government projects across the globe, means opportunity. Tapping into this, if managed correctly, can mean the growth of your client’s brand to heights not before imagined.

How to optimise this tool?

email-marketingEmail marketing, though not in its infancy by any means, has evolved dramatically and continues to year-on-year. Owing to the public awareness of spamming companies, etc., as well as the technical adaptions that automatically clear out “unwanted emails”, the techniques used by marketers today require a set of new, improved skills and tactics to attract the prospect in an email.

Email marketing is not about sending an email with the hope that it will reach the right person and then Voila! the sale is made. No. There are specialist email copywriters available for you to use so that your clients can benefit optimally from their allocated email marketing campaigns.

Quick tips professional marketers use

As a white label digital marketing wholesaler, we are not unfamiliar with how to craft the perfect email. In fact, our team of expert, English-first language copywriters do it daily.

They use and test a variety of methods when writing an email marketing campaign, but here is a glimpse into what they consider best practices based on what they’ve seen provide the best ROI:

  • Pay attention to the subject line, keep it catchy and simple
  • Ensure the header is engaging and gets to the point quickly
  • Keep your imagery in the direction of optimal reading – this means that any images used should help the reader focus on the direction of the Call To Action
  • Include a Call To Action
  • Include as many buttons as possible below the fold, such as “Tell a friend” or “Share” or “Send this to your friend and you will receive a 10% discount”…and so on.

These are just some of the tips. But do keep in mind, email trends are changing, and with these changes come new opportunities.


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